Using Brass for Jewellery Charms

Using Brass for Jewellery Charms

Brass, why do we use it? Durable, rust resistant, affordable, and can be recycled over and over, making it one of the more sustainable metals to use in jewellery. A con to brass, however, is that it is prone to tarnishing. You can check our care page for tips on this.

Metals by nature, change in colour over time as they react to the atmosphere, as well as being in contact with skin. This is a chemical reaction that causes compounds to form that change the colour of the metal. Make-up and perfumes can also cause brass to tarnish quicker. Apply make-up and perfumes BEFORE adding your jewellery to reduce the tarnishing time.

Is brass a good metal for jewellery? Brass jewellery should last beyond your lifetime, which is the main reason it is such a great metal for our charms! When being taken care of well, this is a great option for your jewellery. For more in-depth information on brass for jewellery, you might want to give this article a read.

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